Mobile Concrete Pump For Sale

Mobile concrete pump for sale has various types and specifications for you selection. It has been popular since it appeared on the market. Due to its flexibility, the mobile concrete pump is also called portable concrete pump philippines. When you want to transport it from one site to another, you just need a tow truck to pull it. In Philippines, maybe there are many concrete pumping machine manufacturers. They can provide you with different quality of mobile pump concrete. Identifying the strengths of different manufacturers is something you need to do before you buy a machine. Our Daswell Machinery is a reliable manufacturer for you.

production factory of mobile concrete pump for sale
mobile concrete pump in production factory

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Successful cases in Philippines

There are some successful cases of mobile pump for concrete in Philippines. You can refer to them. Here are some transportation pictures and working pictures. After using our mobile truck mounted concrete pump for a while, we also pay a return visit to our customers and ask them about their feelings about the use of our products or their comments on our services. Most of them made positive comments.

CPD60 Mobile Concrete Line Pump To Philippines

CPD60 diesel engine mobile pump
transport CPD60 diesel engine pump

CPD60 mobile line pump
CPD60 mobile concrete pump philippines

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CPD40 Diesel Engine Pump To Philippines

CPD40 mobile pump
CPD40 mobile concrete pump for sale philippines
hot sale model

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21M Mobile Pumpcrete In Philippines

21m mobile pumpcrete
21m mobile concrete pump for sale
work in the construction site

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DHBT40 Mobile Concrete Mixer Pump In Philippines

DHBT40 diesel engine mobile mixer pump

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Various of mobile concrete pumps for sale

The mobile small concrete pump is actually a general term, and it includes many different types, such as mobile concrete mixer with pump, mobile pumpcrete machine, mobile concrete boom pump, mobile concrete line pump, etc. These different types of mobile concrete pumps have a common feature that is easy to move. You can pick out a right machine depending on your needs.

For the machine that can mix and convey the concrete at the same time, the mobile concrete mixer pump has always been very popular. Due to its excellent performance and high working efficiency, most of customers are willing to invest in a mobile diesel concrete mixer pump. If you just want to buy a machine that can help you transport the concrete to the specific site, you can consider the mobile concrete line pump. As for the mobile pumpcrete philippines, its components include the chassis and pumping system. Because it has its own chassis, it is easier to mover around.

If you have any need, welcome to consult us and we will spare no efforts to help you buy a suitable mobile concrete pump truck.

DHBT40 small mixing pump
DHBT40 mixer pump
mobile concrete mixer pump

Model DHBT40
Power Diesel engine
Theoretical pumping capacity(m3/h) 40
Pumping power(kw) 52
Theoretical mixing capacity(m3/h) 15
Max. Aggregate Size(mm) Cobble:40 Gravel:30
Total Weight(t) 5.3
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 5000×2150×2450

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CPD40 pump
Item CPD40
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 40
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 75
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) 140

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CPD60 concrete machine
Item CPD60
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 60
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 132
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) Double 112

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Correctly install and operate your machine

After you buy a satisfactory mobile concrete pump for sale, its installation and debugging are equally crucial. You need to correctly install and debug your machine. This mobile concrete pump is very simple to assemble. All you need to do is select a flat piece of land next to your site and then put the supporting legs of your pump in place. And then connect the pipe to the machine. The connections of the pipes must be fastened. Otherwise, the phenomenon of slurry leakage will appear in the process of transporting concrete.

Different models of mobile concrete line pump can convey the concrete to different distance. This distance includes the horizontal distance and vertical distance. So when you place your concrete pump machine, you need to choose a suitable location away from your site. Of course, if you are confused, you also can consult your manufacturer. They will provide you with more professional advice.

33m pumpcrete
33m mobile pumpcrete
Model 33m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 55/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 33-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 33
Horizontal Distance (m) 33
Placing Depth (m) 22.4

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21m boom pump
Model 21m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 50/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 21-3R
Max. Placing Height (m) 21
Horizontal Distance (m) 17.5
Placing Depth (m) 7.5

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29m boom truck
Model 29m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 55/93
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 29-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 29
Horizontal Distance (m) 24.6
Placing Depth (m) 17

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Daswell Machinery in Philippines

Our Daswell Machinery has our branch office and warehouse in Philippines. And we also have professional salesman and engineers working there for a long time. Therefore, if you are in Philippines, and you want to look for a high-quality mobile concrete pump truck, welcome to choose our Daswell Machinery.

We have accumulated rich experience in both sales and service. Once you choose our company, we promise to provide you with professional and considerate service. Our salesman can arrive your construction site and help you design your site and choose a suitable type and model of mobile concrete pump for sale.

If you are interested in our concrete pumping machine, welcome to leave your message to us. After receiving your email, we promise to reply you as soon as possible.

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