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The main function of the crusher machine for sale is to produce high-quality sand and gravel aggregate. With the development of the economy, the construction of infrastructure is getting faster and faster. So the demand for sand and gravel aggregate is growing. At this time, investing in a good crusher for sale is a good choice for you. Good quality of crusher plant for sale can crush various of raw materials, such as, cobblestone, limestone, granite, basalt, marble, quartzite, iron ore, etc. Choose our Daswell Machinery, you can pick up a satisfied crusher machine plant to crush your materials into a suitable size.

Daswell Machinery crusher machine
Daswell crusher machine in site

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Type of crusher machine

Usually, a complete set of crushing production line is made of different parts, including the conveyor, feeding machine, crusher machine philippines, vibrating screen. The configuration of the crusher plant is very important. Only the quality of each component is good, you can get a high-quality of crusher philippines. Good crusher machine fro sale can not only guarantee its production quality, but also reduce its failure rate and maintenance fee.

good quality jaw crusher
jaw crusher machine
daswell machinery jaw crushing machine
Daswell jaw crushing equipment

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Model Size of Feed Opening (mm) Max. Feeding Size (mm) Adjustable Size of Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
PE150×250 150×250 125 10-40 1-3 5.5
PE150×750 150×750 125 18-48 8-25 15
PE250×400 250×400 210 20-60 5-20 15
PE400×600 400×600 340 40-100 16-65 30
PE500×750 500×750 425 50-100 45-100 55
PE600×900 600×900 500 65-160 60-160 75
PE750×1060 750×1060 630 80-160 110-320 110
PE800×1060 800×1060 640 130-190 130-330 110

As the most important part for the crusher machine for sale, choosing a crusher with high efficiency is crucial. The crusher plant for sale mainly includes three types, jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. These three types of crushers and screens have their unique characteristics. Different types of mining crusher has different advantages. Depending on their advantages, these crusher machines philippines are used on the different stages of crushing process.

As the professional crusher machine manufacturers in Philippines, our Daswell Machinery is a reputable and trustworthy company for you. If you want to look for a reliable crusher plant manufacturer to get a good machine, please don’t hesitate to choose our company.

application of crusher machine
application of daswell crusher plant
application of crusher machine for sale

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Model Size of Feed Opening (mm) Max. Feeding Size (mm) Adjustable Size of Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
PE900×1200 900×1200 750 95-210 220-450 132
PE1000×1200 1000×1200 850 200-300 280-560 160
PE1200×1500 1200×1500 1020 150-300 400-800 220
PE1500×1800 1500×1800 1200 210-360 520-1100 280
PEX250×750 250×750 210 25-60 13-35 22
PEX250×1000 250×1000 210 25-60 16-52 30
PEX250×1200 250×1200 210 25-60 20-65 37
PEX250×1300 250×1300 210 25-90 30-105 55

What is the crusher machine used for

The crusher machine is popular on a lot of construction projects. In general, the crusher machine plant has wide use on the high-speed rail construction, expressway construction, hydropower station construction and so on. Why is the crusher plant for sale popular? What is the purpose of crushing?

daswell cone crusher machine
cone crusher philippines
daswell cone crusher plant philippines
Daswell cone crusher machine

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Model Chamber Type Feed Inlet Side(mm) Adjustable Scope of Discharge Port(mm) Capacity(t/h) Speed of Main Shaft(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
Close Side Open Side
CSB75 Fine Type 83 102 9—22 45—91 580 75 2821×1880×2164
Coarse Type 159 175 13—38 59—163
CSB160 Fine Type 109 137 13—31 109—181 485 240 2800×2342×2668
Medium Type 188 210 16—31 132—253
Coarse Type 216 241 19—51 172—349
CSB240 Fine Type 188 209 16—38 181—327 485 240 3911×2870×3771
Medium Type 213 241 22—51 258—417
Coarse Type 241 268 25—64 299—635
CSB400 Fine Type 253 278 19—38 381—726 435 400 4613×3251×4732
Medium Type 303 334 25—51 608—998
Coarse Type 334 369 31—64 789—1270

In metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement and other industrial sectors, every year there are a large number of raw materials and recycled waste that need to be processed by crushers. After crushing these materials, they will be used for different industries. According to the different features of different crusher for sale, they can crush different size and hardness of raw materials.

In addition, different crusher machine for sale has different feeding size and discharging size. When you want to purchase a suitable type and model of crushers and screens, you should consider more factors related with this machine.

Of course, besides those construction projects we mentioned above, you also can use the crusher plant for sale to other construction projects. If you have any question about this machine, welcome to consult us at any time.

use of our cone crusher machine
use of our cone crusher machine

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Model Chamber Type Feed Inlet Side(mm) Adjustable Scope of Discharge Port(mm) Capacity(t/h) Speed of Main Shaft(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
Close Side Open Side
CSD75 Fine Type 13 41 3—13 27—90 580 75 2821×1880×2410
Coarse Type 33 60 3—16 27—100
CSD160 Fine Type 29 64 3—16 36—163 485 160 2800×2342×2668
Medium Type 54 89 6—16 82—163
Coarse Type 70 105 10—25 109—227
CSD240 Fine Type 35 70 5—13 90—209 485 240 3917×2870×3771
Medium Type 54 89 6—19 136—281
Coarse Type 98 133 10—25 190—336
CSD400 Fine Type 51 105 5—16 190—408 435 400 4130×3251×4454
Medium Type 95 133 10—19 354—508
Coarse Type 127 178 13—25 454—599

Advantages of the Daswell crusher plant

  1. Advanced modular design. Our Daswell crusher machine plant adopts advanced modular design. Whether you want to transport the machine or change some parts, it is convenient to operate due to the modular design.
  2. Flexible configuration scheme. Our crusher screenintegrates the feeding, crushing and screening function in one. You can separately use the crusher philippines to crusher materials. Of course, you also can use it combining with other equipment for multi-stage crushing.
  3. Diversified options. In order to meet different requirements of different customers, we provide them with various crusher machine plant. You can pick up a right type from the stationary type or mobile type.
  4. Besides these advantages, our crusher plant for sale also has the advantages of high working efficiency, stable performance, good crushing quality, easy maintenance, low failure rate and so on.
daswell mobile crusher machine
Daswell mobile type crusher machine philippines

daswell machine mobile crusher equipment
our mobile type crusher product

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How much is a crusher machine philippines

Our Daswell crusher machine for sale is the hot sale product in Philippines. Why? Besides its high quality, another reason is that we offer the most favorable and competitive crusher machine price to our customers. So our customers can get a cost-effective crusher machine philippines from our company. Moreover, in order to serve our Philippines customers better, we set our branch office in Manila, Philippines. Our some salesman and engineers work there for the lone time.

So when you browse our website online, you can send the email to us. After receiving your message, our salesman will reply you as soon as possible about the question you are concerned with. Of course, they will visit you and your construction site and help you design your site. Then, they also spare no efforts to give you professional advice and help you choose a suitable crusher plant for sale.

PE250400 daswell crusher
PE250400 jaw crushing machine

PE250400 daswell machine crusher
PE250400 jaw crusher

PE250400 jaw crusher daswell
PE250400 jaw crusher
PE250400 transport jaw crusher machine
transport it to Philippines

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The crusher plant price depends on many factors, such as, its types and models, materials, brands, etc. Most of customers pay more attention to the crusher machine cost. But you need to know that the quality of crusher machine plant with the lowest crusher price might be bad.

To sum up, if you want to invest in a crusher machine for sale in Philippines, please don’t hesitate to choose our Daswell Machinery. Leave your message to us. And you will get our reply in 24 hours.

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