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Stationary Concrete Pump For Sale

CPD40 stationary pump

Stationary concrete pump for sale is also called trailer concrete pump. That is because you need to move the concrete pump stationary by a trailer. Equipped with the pipelines, stationary pump for concrete can convey the concrete over the long distances. For some building construction, road construction, bridge construction or other projects, our stationary concrete pumps for sale is a good choice for sale. The delivery volume of our static concrete pump ranges from 30m3/h to 90m3/h. I believe that you can pick up a satisfied pump from our company!

Features of stationary concrete pump for sale


Equipped with international well-known brand parts, such as Schneider, MITSUBISHI, IPanasonkl, etc. These high-quality parts ensure the quality of electronic control system and whole static concrete pump for sale.


This static concrete pump for sale adopts PLC programmable control system, obviously improving the service life. And it has the fault display function, which is convenient to remove the fault in time.


Our static line concrete pumpadopts advanced S-tube valve reversing device with high outlet pressure, which can meet the pumping demand of high-rise and long-distance.


Optimized design of hopperis easy to clean and has better suction performance.


Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures effective lubrication during machine operation.


With remote control function, the operation is more safe and convenient.

Stationary pumpcrete in Philippines

CPD60 to Philippines

Our Daswell Machinery is a famous stationary pumpcrete supplier in Philippines. More and more customers from Philippines choose to buy the station concrete pump from our company because of our high-quality product and affordable price. Our stationary concrete pumps include diesel engine and electric motor. Diesel engine pump is CPD series and electric motor pump is CPE series. Among models, CPD40, CPD60 and CPD90 static concrete pumps are the hot sale product.

Transport the CPD40 to Philippines

transport the CPD40 stationary pumpcrete
transport the CPD40 pump

Engineers help our customers debug the CPD40

debug CPD40 stationary pump for sale
debug the CPD40 stationary pump

Its Parameter

How to find a good stationary concrete pump supplier

daswell pump factory

There are different ways to find a stationary concrete pump supplier, whether by online or offline. Of course, finding a credible and trustworthy stationary pump supplier is crucial for customers. Here are some tips for you.

If you search for the manufacturers online, you will get many results. Then you can click their websites and browse their products. You can get some information about their stationary concrete pump for sale and their company. If you are interested in their machines, you can contact them and communicate with their salesman. I think that the most direct way to learn a company is to visit their office and factory if you are convenient.

cpd40 pump machines
cpd40 stationary pump transportation
CPD40 stationary pump
 Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h)35
Total power (kw)66 Weichai engine
Max. aggregate size (mm)40
Outlet pressure (MPa)10
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm)Φ230*800
Hopper capacity (m3)0.5
Delivery pipe diameter (mm)Φ125
Concrete slump160~220
Overall dimension (mm)4500×1850×1750
Total weight (kg)3400

To judge whether a manufacturer is reliable, you should also pay attention to the quality, its stationary concrete pump price and after-sale service. Only professional production team, sales team and service team can guarantee that you enjoy the thoughtful and professional service in the period of whole trading. Of course, if you have some friends knowing the stationary pumpcrete for sale, maybe he will recommend you a reliable supplier. Either way, you need to look for a trustworthy stationary pumpcrete supplier.

Improve its productivity and obtain great profit

Purchasing a right stationary concrete pumpcrete is the first step to get great benefits. In order to keep its working efficiency and improve pumping capacity, operators should use the stationary trailer mounted concrete pumps correctly.

Operators should notice the condition of station pump concrete whether before operation,on operation or after operation. But don’t worry. Our salesman will teach you these methods.

First of all

You should install the screen on the hopper because the screen can isolate the larger stones to avoid clogging the conveying pipe. When you find the larger stones, you should remove it in time.


Before operating, the operator should check out the condition of hydraulic pressure indicator and other parts. In general, the outlet is easy to be blocked.

At the same time

You can reverse the stationary concrete pump for sale, making the backflow of the plug. Then make the plug stirring evenly before continuing to pump.

At last

Keep the cleanness of stationary concrete pump. The aim is to prevent the pipes from clogging and to ensure the quality of transporting concrete.

Our Branch Office

Now, we have set up our branch office and warehouse in Philippines. If you choose our company, we can show you our stationary concrete pump for sale in local area. Moreover, you also can listen to the feedback of our customers. So wanna to purchase a good stationary concrete pump at a favorable price in Philippines? Contact us now and you will get a reply as soon as possible.


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