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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump For Sale

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump For Sale

Truck mounted concrete pump for sale is a new modern concrete pump machine. It perfectly combines the advantages of trailer concrete pump and a truck. Actually, truck mounted concrete pump is that install a trailer pump on a chassis. Because of its chassis, you can easily drive it from one site to another. Moreover, you only need to spend very little time to set up your pump every day, greatly saving a lot of time of movement and installing pump compared with traditional pump machine. Therefore, many customers want to buy a truck mounted pump. It also has wide use on the tall building construction, bridge construction, port construction and so on.

daswell truck mounted concrete pump for sale TMLP90-22-194 truck mounted pump
Item TMLP90-22-194
Max. theoretical delivery volume(m3/h) 90
Max. theoretical delivery pressure(Mpa) 22
Power(kw) 194
Engine brand DEUTZ
Main oil pump Double 180
Main oil cylinder (mm) Φ160*120*1800
Delivery cylinder (mm) Φ200*1800
Oscillating oil cylinder (mm) Φ90
Delivery distance(Horizontal/Vertical)(m) 500/220

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Advanced system and technology

Strong power system: Adopt international famous brand diesel engine, DEUTZ. It has the characteristics of strong power, high efficient, reliable performance, energy conservation and environment protection and long service life. Reliable and intelligent control system: Adopting high quality electrical components, such as Siemens, Schneider, makes the control system more reliable; Use PLC programmable controller to control the hydraulic system reversing, greatly improve the reliability of the electrical system; Equip with wireless remote control, making operation safer and simpler.

lubrication system
hydraulic part
hydraulic system

Advanced hydraulic system: Adopt open double pump, double circuit hydraulic system; The hydraulic elements has long service life and is easy to maintain; Centralized lubrication mode: feed high-pressure lubricating oil into the controller of centralized lubrication system to realize automatic lubrication of equipment and extend the service life of moving parts and sealing elements. Innovative technology: Our hopper of truck mounted concrete pump for sale adopts double-layer arc hopper with large dip angle, which can reduce material accumulation and improve material absorption rate; Moreover, different delivery volume can meet the requirement of different projects.

Get high quality truck mounted concrete pump for sale

For the people who want to buy a concrete pump truck mounted, the most important thing they are concerned is the machine quality. Whether you ca purchase a good quality truck mounted boom pump depends on whether you can find a good supplier. Usually, a reputable truck mounted concrete pump manufacturer can provide you with a good machine. There are many ways to look for the information about the manufacturers. For example, the simple way is to search for truck mounted concrete pump manufacturers online.

HBC60 truck mounted concrete pump for sale
hopper of truck mounted pump
HBC60 truck mounted pump machine TMLP60-13-132
HBC60 truck mounted pump truck mounted pump philippines
Item TMLP60-13-132
Max. theoretical delivery volume(m3/h) 60
Max. theoretical delivery pressure(Mpa) 13
Power(kw) 132
Engine brand DEUTZ
Main oil pump Double 112
Main oil cylinder (mm) Φ125*80*1650
Delivery cylinder (mm) Φ200*1650
Oscillating oil cylinder (mm) Φ80
Delivery distance(Horizontal/Vertical)(m) 500/130

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If you think that a manufacturer is reliable after browsing its website, you can pay a visit to their office or factory to learn more details. Like our Daswell Machinery, as a truck mounted pump supplier in China, we have accumulated over 30 years production experience. We have professional production team and factory. Welcome to visit our factory to learn how our workers produce the truck mounted concrete pumps, how to operate this pump and so on. In addition, advanced equipment also guarantees the quality of our truck mounted concrete boom pump.

Obtain affordable and favorable truck mounted pump price

As we all know, the truck mounted concrete pump price can be affected by many factors, such as brand, types, models, transportation way and so on. So how to obtain an affordable and favorable price? Maybe here are some useful tips for you.

daswell machinery factory
daswell producing factory
daswell production factory daswell truck mounted pump
daswell factory productin factory

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First of all, choose a reputable manufacturer. A trustworthy truck mounted pump manufacturer can do their best to help the customers. Then, consult the manufacturer how to choose a right model of concrete pump boom truck for sale. Buying a suitable pump will save your original purchase cost. Finally, after receiving your truck mounted pump, their engineers also will teach you some routine maintenance methods. High quality concrete pump boom truck and correct regular maintenance will prolong its service life and reduce the failure rate. This will save your maintenance cost. In summary, if you want to get a cost-effective truck mounted concrete pump for sale, please don’t hesitate to choose our Daswell Machinery.

Enjoy considerate and thoughtful service

Besides quality and price, customers also pay more attention to the after-sale service. Once there is something wrong with the truck pumps, quickly solving the problems will greatly reduce your loss. Our Daswell Machinery has our own office in Philippines. When you meet some problems, our salesman will arrive your site as soon as possible. They can not only help you inspect your truck mounted boom pumps, but also visit our customers regularly.

HBC90 mounted truck pump TMLP90-18-176
HBC90 truck pumps fir sale produced by Daswell
Item TMLP90-18-176
Max. theoretical delivery volume(m3/h) 90
Max. theoretical delivery pressure(Mpa) 18
Power(kw) 176
Engine brand DEUTZ
Main oil pump 260
Main oil cylinder (mm) Φ160*120*1800
Delivery cylinder (mm) Φ230*1800
Oscillating oil cylinder (mm) Φ90
Delivery distance(Horizontal/Vertical)(m) 500/220

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Besides inspection service, they also can help you plan your construction site, customize your truck mounted concrete pump for sale depending on your needs, provide you with installation and operation guidance and consultation service. No matter what question you have, you can ask them for help at any time. Therefore, our company is a good choice for you. Send the message to us if you are interested in our pump machine.

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