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Hollow Block Making Machine Philippines

Hollow Block Making Machine Philippines

Hollow block making machine philippines is a hot sale product that is mainly used to produce various of bricks. With the development of the construction industry, there is a growing demand of bricks. So more and more customers plan to invest in a hollow block machine for sale philippines. As a professional brick making machine supplier in Philippines, Our Daswell Machinery is well-known. Moreover, many our customers are willing to recommend our company if their friends also need a hollow block maker for sale philippines.

BMM series hollow block machine

BMM4-26 holloc block machine philippines

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Model BMM4-26

Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow brick) (pcs/h)

Molding Cycle (s) 26
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4200
Exciting Force (KN) 45
Power (kw) 11.6
Overall Dimension (mm) 2150×1660×2550
Pallet Size (mm) 850×450

Wide use of hollow block maker

In general, hollow block maker for sale philippines can produce various of block bricks as long as you change its molds. And you can use these bricks for different projects, such as, garden construction, road construction, wall decoration, slope protection project, etc.

The bricks that our hollow block machine in the philippines can produce are as follows: hollow bricks, wall bricks, solid bricks, water permeable bricks, pavement bricks, grass planting bricks, road traffic bricks, interlocking bricks and so on.

the hollow blocks

Whether you want to buy a hollow block making machine for sale in the philippines for your own projects or selling the bricks, it is a wise decision for you. Of course, our hollow block maker equipment philippines also has many functions.

You can continue to browse our website to learn our products and our company. If you want to know more information about our hollow block maker in the philippines, contact us because we can provide you with more professional information.

various of bricks

BMM4-26 concrete hollow block machine
Model BMM4-40B
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 250-312
Molding Cycle(s) 240
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800
Pallet Size(mm) 850×450
Exciting Force(KN) 40
Overall Power(KW) 9.3
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Check out its models

Different customers have different requirements, so we provide various models of hydraulic hollow block machine philippines for our customers. Usually, its models include BMM4-26, BMM4-40B, BMM4-15, BMM5-15, BMM6-15, BMM8-15, BMM10-15 and BMM12-15.

The main difference among these models of automatic hollow block machine philippines is their production capacity. Therefore, if your construction project is not very big or your site is limited, you can select the small size of hollow block machine ph. On the contrary, if you have a great need for bricks, large size of brick machines are good for you.

BMM4-15 blocks machine BMM4-15

BMM4-15 machine in factory hollow block machine in factory

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Capacity (for 390x190x190mm hollow block) (pcs/h)






Capacity (for 240x115x53mm solid brick) (pcs/h)






Overall Dimension (mm)






Rated pressure (Mpa)






Main vibration form

Platform vibration

Platform vibration

Platform vibration

Platform vibration

Platform vibration

Vibration frequency (rpm)






Pallet size (mm)






Exciting force (KN)






Overall power (KW)






In addition, our hollow block making machine in philippines has different control system for your reference, fully automatic type and semi automatic type. Different control system needs different number of operators. You can pick up a suitable model of hollow block making machine philippines depending on your real need. Or you can consult us and listen to some professional advice.

BMM series machine
Model BMM4-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 720-960
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 5930-6720
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4600
Pallet Size(mm) 1020×570
Exciting Force(KN) 55
Overall Power(KW) 27.5

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Where to buy hollow block machine in the Philippines

As we all know, choosing a right hollow block maker philippines is important. But where to buy a good hollow block machine in the Philippines. If you have a lot of experience about buying hollow block maker in philippines, maybe it is easy for you to choose a good product. If you are a new investor, you can read these tips.

engineers and our customers

engineers debug the machine

If you want to enjoy more service after buying the hollow block machine manila, we suggest you to choose these manufacturers that have office there. That is because when you meet some questions, these hollow block machine suppliers in philippines can arrive your sites and help you solve your problems, reducing your loss.

Like our Daswell Machinery, although we are a hollow block making equipment supplier from China, we set up our branch office and warehouse in Manila.

daswell office in philippines

Daswell office in Philippines

Meanwhile, we send our salesman working there for a long period. We can deliver you spare parts in 12 hours if you need. Many of our customers speaks highly of our Daswell hollow block making equipment philippines because of its high quality and stable performance. We will be so glad if you are willing to visiting our branch office and warehouse.

Daswell warehouse

Daswell warehouse in Philippines

How to buy the hollow block maker from our Daswell?

If you choose our company after knowing our strength, then we are very happy and glad to serve you. At the same time, we are confident that we can provide you with the right products and satisfactory prices.

If you get the information about our company online, you can browse our website and send us an inquiry. After our sales staff receives your message, they will get in touch with you as soon as possible according to the contact information you leave. And then discuss with you more detailed requuirements about the hollow block making machine that you want to buy. If you think our product and price are suitable, we will sign a contract and arrange the factory to start production. Eventually, you will receive our equipment before the appointed time.

BMM4-26 brick machine

BMM4-26 hollow machine

the hollow bricks

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If you are in Philippines and know our company through your friends or peers, you can learn our real stengths. Moreover, you can visit our customer's site and see the real situation of our machines working. Our sales staff in the Philippines can also visit your company or site if you need, plan your site and provide you with suitable solution.

Sometimes, our warehouse in the Philippines has a stock of brick machines, so that you can receive the machine soon after you place an order. Welcome to contact us and get more information!

warehouse Philippines

Daswell warehouse in Philippines

Philippines warehouse

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Transport hollow block machines to Philippines

Philippines is one of our main market, and we always insist on serving our Philippines customers with the best attitude. At present, Daswell also has customers in various cities in the Philippines.

Up to now, we have exported many sets of hollow block making machine there. Most of our customers are glad to choose the BMM4-26 model. They think that this model of machine is stable working and small investment cost. Here are some transportation pictures for your reference.

QTJ4-25 bricks machine

QTJ4-25 hollow block maker

QTJ4-25 bricks making machine pakistan

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BMM4-26 block moulding machine

QTJ4-25 brick machine sale

QTJ4-25 block moulding machine

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Hollow block machine philippines price

Besides paying more attention to the quality, many customers are also concerned with the hollow block making product price philippines. Hollow block machine in philippines is a cost-effective product. So when you purchase it, you must consider its price. Choose our Daswell Machinery, we will offer you an affordable, favorable and reasonable hollow block maker price philippines. We know that there are many factors that affects the brick machine price. So our salesman will spare no efforts to help you minimize your initial cost.

BMM4-26 block machine sales BMM4-26
Model BMM4-26

Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow brick) (pcs/h)

Molding Cycle (s) 26
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4200
Exciting Force (KN) 45
Power (kw) 11.6
Overall Dimension (mm) 2150×1660×2550
Pallet Size (mm) 850×450

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QT4-15 transport this machine BMM6-15

QT4-15 bricks maker machine transport to Philippines

Model BMM6-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1080-1440
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8861
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4500-5100
Pallet Size(mm) 900×700
Exciting Force(KN) 65
Overall Power(KW) 28

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Our company has our own factory, so we can provide our customers with our hollow block machine philippines directly. This will reduce the agency fee. Moreover, we have professional team to help you selecting suitable model of hollow block making machines, saving your purchase cost. At last, we also can teach you some useful regular maintenance methods. Right maintenance methods will reduce the failure rate of hollow block maker philippines and save your maintenance cost.

By doing this, you can reduce your cost and get a good hollow block making machine price in philippines. Waiting for your message!

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