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Hollow Block Machine For Sale

Hollow Block Machine For Sale

Hollow block machine for sale is also called burning-free brick machine. Because the bricks produced by hollow block maker don’t need to be burned, this greatly protects the environment. So the hollow block maker for sale has become more and more popular in recent years. Hollow block maker machine mainly can produce the hollow bricks. Of course, if you want to produce other types of bricks, such as solid bricks, interlocking bricks, you just need to change its molds. Different molds can help you get different shape and sizes of bricks in order to meet your different projects.

QT10-15 hollow block machine for sale BMM10-15 hollow block maker philippines
Model BMM10-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1440-1800
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 11011-12480
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×900
Exciting Force(KN) 110
Overall Power(KW) 67

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Characteristics of our hollow block machine

  • Good quality and low failure rate. The spare parts of hollow block makingmachine for sale all adopt international famous brand, such as France Schneider, Germany Siemens, etc. Reasonable structure and advanced technology guarantee the quality of our hollow block manufacturing machine.
  • High quality of finished bricks and pass rate. The vibration force of our hollow block moulding machineis strong, so the finished bricks are very strong, in line with the national standard.
  • Low cost of raw materials. Our hollow block machine for sale adopts the waste materials as its raw materials, including fly ash, cement, gravel, cinder, etc. These raw materials can not only reduce your original cost, but also realize the comprehensive utilization of resources.
  • High automatic degree. Our hollow brick making machineis equipped with fully automatic control system, which is simpler to operate, reducing the labor intensity. Moreover, fewer workers will reduce your labor cost.
  • Easy maintenance. The modular design makes our hollow brick manufacturing machine convenient to disassemble and install. And when you need to change or repair some parts, which is easy to operate.
electrical control part
driven engine
finished bricks finished bricks
main frame frame
QT8-15 hollow block maker machine BMM8-15
Model BMM8-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1200-1600
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 9000-10000
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 950×900
Exciting Force(KN) 85
Overall Power(KW) 51

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Minimize your hollow block machine price

As a trustworthy hollow block machine manufacturer, our Daswell Machinery regards customer first as our main principle. We will spare no efforts to help our customers to deal with their problems. So if you choose our company, helping you minimize your hollow block making machine price is the first thing we do. Usually, we will save your cost in two ways.

QT6-15 hollow machine for sale
QT6-15 hollow brick block machine
QT6-15 hollow brick making machine
QT6-15 hollow brick machine
QT6-15 hollow block brick machin for sale
QT6-15 hollow brick maker machine
QT6-15 hollow block maker BMM6-15 in Philippines
Model BMM6-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1080-1440
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8861
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4500-5100
Pallet Size(mm) 900×700
Exciting Force(KN) 65
Overall Power(KW) 28

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One is to choose a suitable model of hollow bricks machine. Its models includes BMM4-15, BMM5-15, BMM6-15, BMM8-15, BMM10-15 and BMM12-15. Different size of project needs to equip with different model of automatic hollow block machine.

Of course, besides these models of block machine, we also produce other models BMM series block making machine, such as, BMM4-26D, etc. If you have no experience for choosing the machine, don’t worry. You can contact us and consult our salesman. They will communicate with you about your requirements and give you some professional suggestion.

QT5-15 hollow block making machine for sale BMM5-15
Model BMM5-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 900-1200
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8800
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×570
Exciting Force(KN) 60
Overall Power(KW) 32

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QT4-15 hollow block machine for sale BMM4-15
Model BMM4-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 720-960
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 5930-6720
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4600
Pallet Size(mm) 1020×570
Exciting Force(KN) 55
Overall Power(KW) 27.5

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Another is to guarantee the quality of our hollow block machine for sale. Good quality of hollow block production for sale can not only ensure its service life, but also reduce the its failure rate. Low failure rate will reduce your maintenance cost. Besides these two ways, our salesman also will help you save your initial purchase cost from other aspects, such as transportation route and so on.

Right operation methods for your reference

Right operation is important if you want to guarantee the production output of hollow block making machine. After guiding you to install machine, our engineers also will teach you how to correctly operate the hollow block machine maker.

First of all, checking out the whole automatic hollow block making machine is crucial. The contents of inspection include the following aspects: Whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is sufficient; whether the electrical system has any fault; whether the concentration of the material is appropriate.

Then, if the operator discovers that the hollow block brick making machine is not working properly, the operator should stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting. At last, if the hollow bricks plant needs to stop when working normally, it should first stop feeding and then stop the machine.

Moreover, after working, the cleanness of hollow block maker is equally important. Cleanness of hollow block machine is for the next normal use of the equipment.

QTJ4-25 block making machine
QTJ4-25 brick block machine
QTJ4-25 brick machine for sale BMM4-26 block machine
QTJ4-25 block making machine philippines transport to Philippines
QTJ4-25 block machine BMM4-26
Model BMM4-26
Capacity (for 390×190×190mm hollow brick) (pcs/h) 375-500
Molding Cycle (s) 26
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4200
Exciting Force (KN) 45
Power (kw) 11.6
Overall Dimension (mm) 2150×1660×2550
Pallet Size (mm) 850×450

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QTJ4-40B hollow block machine BMM4-40B
Model BMM4-40B
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 250-312
Molding Cycle(s) 40
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800
Pallet Size(mm) 850×450
Exciting Force(KN) 40
Overall Power(KW) 9.3

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Daswell Machinery in Philippines - A reliable manufacturer

If you are in Philippines, and you need a hollow block machine maker recently, you can consider our Daswell Machinery, a trustworthy brick machine manufacturer in Philippines with over 30 years production experience. We have professional team working there.

brick machine production factory

brick machine production factory

brick block machine factory
brick making machine production factory

And now, we also have our branch office there. You can visit our office or our hollow block manufacturing machine in local area if you are convenient. Local sales team and service team all ensure you enjoy more considerate and thoughtful service. From choosing model of hollow brick making machine to installing it, our salesman will be responsible for the whole trading process. Welcome to request a quotation if you are interested in our hollow block machine for sale!

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