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How to Clean the Concrete Pump Properly?

After the use of concrete pump, cleaning is an essential step. The right method can clean the conveying pipeline as well as transport all the concrete in the pipeline to the pouring place, which not only does not waste concrete but also is economical and environmental friendly. Moreover, timely cleaning is the best way to ensure normal use, improve efficiency and extend service life. Some customers may not know how to clean the concrete pump properly, I will explain a few methods for you.

Generally speaking, there are two cleaning methods, one is water washing and the other is air washing. Regardless of the cleaning method, the valve box and hopper need to be cleaned. It is important to note that it is best to pump 0.5 to 1 cubic meter of mortar before cleaning the pipes. After all the mortar is pumped, stop the machine, flip the switch of the plate valve, and then release the pressure of the accumulator. So, what are the steps of water washing and air washing?

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Water washing

There are three common water washing methods. Your can learn about them from the following content.

1. Direct water cleaning method


  • There is no need to remove the pipe of the discharge port, and there is no need to add a sponge ball, which saves time, and the pumping is easier to succeed;
  • Especially convenient for cleaning shorter pipelines.


  • Large water consumption and continuous pumping water required;
  • If there are vertical pumplines, the elbows must be removed;
  • The tightness of S tube valve is strictly required;
  • When the pipelines are long, there will be residue in the pipelines easily.
for the road construction

2. Removal of pipes method


  • The pipes are well cleaned;
  • When cleaning, the flow rate of pumping water is low and can be paused at any time.


It is difficult to reconnect the discharge pipe after removing it, which is time-consuming and laborious.

the pipelines
sponge balls
sponge balls
the S valve
S valve

3. Adding piston method


  • The pipes are well cleaned;
  • When cleaning, the flow rate of pumping water is low and can be paused at any time;
  • It reduces the trouble of removing discharge pipes and elbows.


  • The operation is more complex and the requirements for the operator are high;
  • Distribution valve easily cuts off the column.

Notice: When the water washing is almost finished, pay attention to the water in the pipeline, do not flow to the concrete pouring place, so as not to affect the quality of concrete. Water washing method is simple to operate and less dangerous, so it is more commonly used.

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Air washing

Notice: Air washing needs to be equipped with an air compressor, which must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations, and the pipeline must be well sealed. However, air washing cannot wash long pipelines, and long-distance pipelines should be cleaned in sections. This method must be operated with caution and is very dangerous. Therefore, the construction personnel should stay away from the exit direction to prevent the pellets or sponge balls from flying out and hurting people.

The above cleaning method is for reference only. Depending on the situation, you have to take different measures.

After you purchase the concrete pump, your manufacturer will guide you how to maintain and clean your pump.

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