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Five Units Of Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pumps To Philippines

On August 18, 2021, five units of truck mounted concrete boom pumps were manufactured in our production factory. They have been sent to the port of Qingdao. The five pumps were loaded into five frames at the port and shipped to the Philippines on August 30.

The truck mounted concrete boom pump is also named the pumpcrete truck machine. It is the hot sale in Philippines. These truck mounted pumps are 30m, which means they are equipped with 30m concrete placing boom. The biggest advantage of pump truck is easy to move, and set pumping and cloth in one. Compared with traditional concrete pump, before pumping, it does not require manual laying of pipes. Moreover, our pumpcrete truck machine for sale is equipped with Dongfeng chassis. And its theoretical maximum pumping capacity is 80/50m3/h.

30m pumpcrete
30m pump
30m truck mounted pump
30m pumpcrete machine
30m pump truck machine

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Parameter TMBP30
Whole truck Drive way 4×2
Engine Yuchai
Output power/speed (kw/rpm) 177/2000
Emission standard Euro V
Tire size 11.00R20 16PR
Arm & leg Vertical height (m) 29.7
Horizontal length (m) 25.9
Vertical depth (m) 15.5
Fold type M (four arms)
Rotary angle (°) ±360
Pumping system Theoretical pumping pressure (MPa) Low pressure 8.5
High pressure 10.5
Distribution valve S valve
Delivery cylinder inner diameter/stroke (mm) 230/1450
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.65
Feeding height (mm) 1450
Pipe diameter (mm) 125
Maximum aggregate size (mm) 40

Tips for selecting a suitable model of pumpcrete truck

The pumpcrete truck includes many specifications, such as TCBP22, TCBP25, TCBP30, TCBP33, etc. Of course, we also have some large size of concrete pump trucks, including TCBP38, TCBP42, TCBP 47, TCBP50, TCBP58 and so on. So, there is a question for you, how to choose a right model. Here are some tips for you.

First of all, you need to consider the length of the concrete placing boom. Actually, this is also considering the pumping distance, including vertical distance and horizontal distance. Take the 30m truck as an example. Its vertical height is 29.7m and horizontal length is 25.9m. Then, you need to think about the theoretical pumping pressure. The pressure includes low pressure and high pressure. Finally, the chassis is also important. There are many brands of chassis for your selection. It is also a particularly important part of the quality of the whole pump truck.

30m pumpcrete sale
30m daswell pumpcrete

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