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SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixer

SICOMA twin shaft mixer is mainly used to produce high quality of concrete. Due to its good stirring performance, this type of mixer machine becomes more and more popular all over the world. Besides that, it also has the advantages of high mixing quality, high production efficiency, simple operation, long service life, various of types and models, wide application and so on. This SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer can not only work alone, but also work as an important part for other machines, such as concrete batching plants, etc. If you plan to look for a satisfied SICOMA concrete mixer, welcome to look through our machine.

SICOMA twin shaft batch mixer includes some different types. Different types and models of mixer machine has different features. Now I will introduce these different types of SICOMA twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer.

MAO series mixer internal structure
MAO series SICOMA twin shaft mixer

MAO series concrete mixer
SICOMA twin shaft mixer
MAO series mixer machine
high-quality mixer machine

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MAO standard series twin shaft mixer

The specifications of MAO standard series twin shaft mixer include MAO1500, MAO2000, MAO3000, MAO4000, etc. MAO1500 means that this model of concrete mixer machine can produce about 1500L compact concrete. Its features are as follows.

  1. This mixer machine is equippedwith multiple shaft end seal protection device and wind pressure seal protection device, which effectively prevents the occurrence of slurry leakage phenomenon.
  2. It also equipped with a mixer monitoring system can be at any time to monitor the reducer, lubricating oil pump and other parts of the working state.
  3. Adopt centralized lubricating oil pump specially used for concrete mixer machine. And the running time can be programmed autonomously, waterproof, dustproof and excellent performance.
  4. This type of twin shaft sicoma mixersuse multi-pipe sprinkler system, so that water can be evenly sprayed.
  5. The mixing equipmentcan be equipped with reducer filter cooling system, oil-free and water-cooled shaft end sealing system, high-pressure cleaning system, weighing protection system, microwave moisture measurement system, etc. Of course, whether or not to install these systems depends on your real needs.

MAO models SICOMA twin shaft mixer
MAO series SICOMA twin shaft mixer

MAO type SICOMA mixer machine
MAO series
MAO type concrete mixer
standard type mixer

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MAO series concrete mixer dimension

Model Dry Filling Capacity(L) Compact Concrete(L) Scraper(pcs) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t)
MAO2250/1500 2250 1500 12 2×30 6.5
MAO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 7.5
MAO4500/3000 4500 3000 18 2×55 9.2
MAO6000/4000 6000 4000 22 2×75 11.8
MAO6000/4500 6000 4500 24 2×75 12.2
MAO7500/5000 7500 5000 20 2×90 15
MAO9000/6000 9000 6000 24 4×55 18

MEO economical twin shaft concrete mixer

Different from MAO standard mixer machine, the specifications of MEO economical twin shaft mixer include MEO750, MEO1000, MEO2000, etc. The biggest advantages of these SICOMA twin shaft mixers are highly cost effective. If you want to invest less money and get better benefits, it is an ideal choice for you. Check out its features and parameters here.

  1. This SICOMA twin shaft continuous mixeris equipped with multiple shaft end seal protection.
  2. Equipped with hand lubricated oil pump.
  3. Strong resistance to overload, low noiseand reliable operation.
  4. Available in the capacity of 0.75m³, 25m³, 2.0m³. Chose a right one for your business.
  5. Suitable for engineering concrete batch mix plant saleand other environmental protection mixing projects, such as, fly ash solidification.
MEO series mixer machine
MEO series
MEO series SICOMA twin shaft mixer
economical type

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MEO economy series SICOMA mixer
external dimension
Model Dry Filling Capacity(L) Compact Concrete(L) Scraper(pcs) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t)
MEO1250/750 1250 750 10 2×18.5 4.3
MEO1500/1000 1500 1000 10 2×18.5 4.4
MEO3000/2000 3000 2000 16 2×37 6.9

MSO small twin shaft mixer

MSO small series twin shaft mixer is more suitable for those small and medium size of construction projects. Its models have MSO1000, MSO1250, MSO1500, etc. If your project doesn’t have a huge demand for concrete, this type of SICOMA double shaft paddle mixer is a good selection for you. Check out its pictures and parameters.

If you have no experience in how to choose a right SICOMA concrete mixer for your project, you can consult the SICOMA concrete mixer suppliers that you think they are trustworthy.

MSO small series SICOMA twin shaft mixer
MSO series SICOMA twin shaft mixer

MSO small series mixer machine
MSO small series
MSO small series concrete mixer
the mixing blade

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external dimension of MSO small series
Model Dry Filling Capacity(L) Compact Concrete(L) Scraper(pcs) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t)
MSO1500/1000 1500 1000 12 2×18.5 5.05
MSO1750/1250 1750 1250 12 2×22 5.13
MSO2250/1500 2250 1500 14 2×30 5.62

How to Use SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixer Correctly

  1. The workers should clean the construction site and keep the site in a dry condition. This canensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  2. During feeding process, the aggregate shouldn’t be allowed into the operation organization, the sand and stone shouldn’t be fed together with cement. The material in the hopper groove and other parts should be discharged at one time and can’t be used for the next feeding.
  3. Duringthe operation of SICOMAtwin shaft mixer for sale, users must control the measurement accuracy, mixing time to reach technical requirements. In addition, check whether there are anomalies and defects, such as, whether there is water or slurry leakage. If there is any abnormality or defect, please repair in time.
  4. It is necessary to clean concrete before stopping the machine. When a sudden power failure or fault stop, please clear out the concrete in the mixing drum in time.

Of course, if you want to buy a suitable SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer and produce the concrete with high efficiency, you also need to learn more information and some skills. Choose our company, our salesman and engineers will teach you more.

We also have branch office in Philippines, if you are convenient, welcome to visit our office and learn our SICOMA twin shaft mixer in detail.

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