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Four Sets Of 150T Cement Silo Were Sent To Philippines

One month ago, our Daswell Machinery transported four sets of 150T cement storage silo to Philippines. And then, under the guidance of our engineer, the customers has successfully installed these cement silos. Here are some transportation pictures for you.

transport the four silos to cebu
transport the four silos
transport the cement silo to philippines
transport the silos
transport the silo to philippines

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The purpose of the cement silo is to store the cement. It is the important part for a complete of concrete batching plant. Usually, the cement storage silo includes three different types, namely, bolted type, welded type and horizontal type. Moreover, according to its capacity, the cement silo has 30t, 50t, 100t, 150t, 200t and so on, which can meet the requirement of different customers.

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