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Portable Concrete Plant For Sale

Portable concrete plant for sale is similar with mobile concrete batching plant. They all can be easily transported to a new construction site. Whether it is dry, semi-dry or other proportions of concrete, the portable concrete plant can achieve the excellent mixing performance. The portable concrete batch plant for sale is with the characteristics of accurate measurement, even stirring, quick transportation, simple operation, stable performance and easy installation. Therefore, portable concrete batch plant is an ideal machine for those road constructions, railway constructions, port construction, bridge projects and so on. If you need it, welcome to get a quotation here!

MCBP25 portable cement plant
MCBP25 portable plant philippines

MCBP25 portable batch plant
MCBP25 portable concrete mixing plant

Model MCBP25
Capacity(m3/h) 25
Concrete mixer model TCM500
Mixing power(kw) 18.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 2×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 3.8
Total power(kw) 40

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Benefits of portable concrete plants

There are various of types concrete batching plants for your selection on the market, but the portable concrete batching plant has distinct benefits over other types. One of benefits of portable batch plant for sale is that it is convenient to disassemble and reinstall it at another job site. So you can take on many more jobs with it which means you will see a higher return on investment on this type of machine than other types.

MCBP35 portable concrete plant
Model MCBP35
Capacity(m3/h) 35
Concrete mixer model TCM750
Mixing power(kw) 30
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.75
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 2×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 3.8
Total power(kw) 55

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MCBP50 portable concrete batching plant
Model MCBP50
Capacity(m3/h) 50
Concrete mixer model TCM1000
Mixing power(kw) 18.5×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 1
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 75

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Moreover, portable mobile batch plant is smaller than stationary units but just as powerful. You can buy a machine that produces tons of wet or dry mix concrete per hour. These portable concrete batch plants are easy to install and your workers can quickly assemble them and learn to use them. Meanwhile, they provide you instant increases in productivity on jobs like road or bridge construction.

Another benefit of a portable concrete plant for sale is that you do not need to buy a foundation for the unit. It is transported to the site and can be set up in a matter of hours, reducing transportation and installation time.

transport MCBP50 portable plant to Philippines
transport portable plant

transport control room philippines
transport MCBP50
transportation portable plant to Manila
deliver to Manila

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Components of portable batch plant

The main components of portable cement batch plant includes chassis, control room, mixer machine, belt conveyor, weighing machine and so on. As we all know, batching plant portable can move flexibly because it has its own chassis. Its main components all are mounted on the chassis. So when you need to transfer it, you just need to move the chassis correctly.

the control system
control system
the screw conveyor of portable plant
screw conveyor

The control room can control the whole working process of portable cement plant. If you purchase the portable cement batch plant for sale from our Daswell Machinery, our engineers will guide you how to use the machine correctly. Other components like belt conveyor, weighing machine all adopt international famous brands, ensuring the machine quality.

JS500 mixer of portable plant
concrete mixer machine

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welded type cement silo sale
cement silo

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Pick up a suitable and right portable concrete plant for sale

Looking for a portable concrete mixer batching plant is easier than you might think. You can do most of the research and comparison shopping online. Then the portable cement plants for sale can be shipped to you wherever you live, which makes it possible to buy a machine from the world’s top manufacturers. Then how to pick up a right portable concrete mixer plant?

First of all, consider the production capacity of portable concrete mixing plant. The production capacity of our portable concrete plant for sale can vary from 18m3/h to 100m3/h. Choose a suitable model of portable concrete batching plant depending on your real needs.

MCBP75 portable batching plant
Model MCBP75
Capacity(m3/h) 75
Concrete mixer model TCM1500
Mixing power(kw) 30×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 1.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 105

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MCBP100 portable cement plant
Model MCBP100
Capacity(m3/h) 1000
Concrete mixer model TCM2000
Mixing power(kw) 37×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 2
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×10
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 135

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Then, think about the related equipment. As we all know, portable cement batch plant is to be used with some other equipment like concrete mixer truck, wheel loader, etc. Therefore, the discharging capacity of the concrete mixer should match with the loading capacity of the concrete mixer truck. And the feeding capacity of wheel loader should match with the feeding height of aggregate batching machine.

Finally, inspect the quality ad service life of portable batch plant for sale. High quality portable concrete batch plant can guarantee its working efficiency and return on investment.

MCBP100 plant machine
MCBP100 plant

MCBP100 plant for concrete
MCBP100 portable cement plant sale
install it in Philippines

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Choose a reputable concrete plant manufacturer

You have more options when shopping for a portable cement batch plant than you may think. You can buy directly it from the manufacturers online. Or you can buy it from local suppliers. Many top companies make the portable concrete mixer batching plant in Philippines, China or other countries.

Search the information about portable concrete plant manufacturers online. And then browse their company websites to view photos, specifications, latest cases of the portable concrete plant for sale they offer. Moreover, besides these specific models, you can also ask a manufacturer to build you a customized machine. This is ideal if you cannot find a ready-made plant that meets your exact needs.

MCBP18 batching plant portable
MCBP18 plant for concrete
portable plant philippines

Model YHZM18
Capacity(m3/h) 18
Concrete mixer model DME500
Mixing power(kw) 7.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 2×3.5
Walking speed(km/h) 10
Discharge height(m) 1.2
Total power(kw) 45

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MCBP25A mixing plant
MCBP25A mixer concrete plant
new type plant

Model MCBP25A
Capacity(m3/h) 25
Concrete mixer model DME500
Mixing power(kw) 2×5.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×3.5
Walking speed(km/h) 40
Discharge height(m) 1.7
Total power(kw) 58

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When you find a few suitable machines from different manufacturers, compare the machines carefully with one another. You want to find a portable concrete batch plant for sale that will mix your wet, semi-dry or dry mixes at a price that fits your budget. You can opt to travel to the leading manufacturer’s headquarters to see the machines. Quality manufacturers will work one-on-one with their customers to ensure they buy a quality portable concrete plant for sale.

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